The first time I saw the time we had to be there…5:30 am, I thought, there’s no way I could ever do it. Then I thought about it and said to myself, Of course I can do it! It’s just a matter of getting used to. And I did. I was never late, and I didn’t miss one class. When you do something you never thought you could do initially, it gives you the self-confidence to take on more challenges. I’m getting ready for my second session, and can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish. 

How do you quantify addressing a lifelong struggle with better fitness? On certain days, success came in the form of getting up the next morning despite internal fears of embarrassment about the personal level of fitness or the urge to catch an extra hour's sleep. Fortunately, the smiles and laughter of other "campers" and the shared lack of coordination at such an early hour made it easier. By the middle of the third week, the results of the nutrition plan started to pay off. My daily trek to campus was no longer marked by shortness of breath. The quality of sleep was better. Those jeans could fit again. I could hold the plank longer than the day before. The most important benefit was the recognition of the journey as a goal. Making fitness an equally important part of my life was a huge step in the right direction.   -   Ingrid

I like the fact that every participant works at whatever challenging pace is suitable for each individual. The only competition is with yourself! The individualized attention one receives is unlike your typical training experience. Rush to the stuffy gym after work, zone out on a treadmill and wait in line for equipment.....or wake up at dawn (it's not that bad!!) and get energized from a variety of morning workouts while watching the sun rise? An easy decision… 

I actually ran 3 miles today!! I'm so surprised at how easily I've increased the distance I can run over a couple of months. I appreciate all your support, and all that you give to make this a good experience for all of us. I can't tell you how much of a difference boot camp has made in my life, and the spirit you have brought to it has made all the difference. See you early in the a.m.! 

I'm so happy to be running again after being injured a couple of years ago, and I am psyched about achieving a 7-minute mile. My personal goal is to be able to run a 5k race, which I will do on Sunday. 

Boot camp has offered so much variety and challenge that for the first time in my life I actually enjoy exercising. I have seen a marked improvement in my running (breathing is much better). Seeing the results of my hard work in muscle tone and how my clothes fit is a huge reward! 


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